Fall Closings

Clearwater Pool Closings Include:
  • Blow lines with an air compressor
  • Lower water level & vacuum pool with a 3" pump
  • Drain & clean filter tank & filter media
  • Remove pumps for storage
  • Remove deck equipment & store (excluding diving board, which is left in place)
  • Test & adjust water
  • Add winter chemicals
  • Install pool cover

Clearwater sends closing forms to all of our current customers. If you wish to be added to our mailing list please call. 410-822-4377 or 410-888-7950 Service area is limited.

Work Guarantee & Billing Policy:
Clearwater Pool & Spa Co., Inc. warrants their work against any winter freeze damage to filter, heater, pipes or connections caused by our negligence provided work is completed prior to freezing weather under the terms of this agreement.

Billing is done as work is completed. Payment is due upon receipt of bill.

Other Winter Services Offered:
Return pumps for winter service-Pumps are brought back to shop, bench tested, bearings, seals, etc. and stored to be returned in the spring. The service is recommended every other year as a maintenance to preserve the life of your pumps & to keep problems from occurring in the spring.

Return filter grids/fingers to shop for professional cleaning.

Monitor water level during the winter months and lower as needed.

Monitor chemical readings & pool water condition. Treat as needed.

*Adding chemicals to your pool over the winter is very important to maintain a good clarity of water. This makes your spring opening easier & less expensive. Chemicals may need to be added more than once during the winter season depending on the weather conditions.