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Vidalia Grills

The Vidalia Grill is a complete Outdoor Kitchen. No longer is it necessary to have multiple outdoor cooking stations to do different styles of cooking (charcoal, gas, smoking, frying, steaming, baking.) Because of its unique airflow and its dual direct and indirect cooking surfaces, Vidalia Grills can grill and sear, roast, smoke, steam, bake, boil and fry to perfection without any additional accessories! The Vidalia Grill:

  • Is the Most Versitile Grill on the Market!
  • Is Multiple Fuel Capable: Choose from propane or natural gas, all while allowing you to add in charcoal and/or wood at the same time!
  • Offers an unprecedented 99 Year Warranty
  • Is Proud to be made in the USA!

From celebrity clients to gourmet chefs, the Vidalia Grill has come to be known as the grill to own!