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Hot Tub

You should choose an Aspen when you want the confidence that your spa is made with a superior process and the strongest materials to survive being outside and amongst the harsh elements of the changing seasons. Aspen Spas uses an innovative form of insulation that addresses heat retention and energy efficiency at every level. Every Aspen Spa is geared towards keeping your energy bill down and your wallet happy.



Hot Tub

  • Every spa’s thick six-layer shell, made of only the highest-quality materials on the market, provides lasting strength and keeps the heat inside your tub.
  • Our maintenance-free cabinets and ABS spa bottoms are made from recycled plastic, which means they’ll look great and perform perfectly for years to come.
  • Our spas’ shell is Lucite acrylic, the leader in the industry in durability and beauty. Even Lucite, themselves, prefer our innovative shell-bonding method to those of other manufacturers.
  • Aspen Spa is built to endure the elements: Cold, rain, snow, ice, heat waves, humidity. It’ll look just as beautiful as the day you installed it.

Incomparable Clarity


Aspen Spas offer you the peace of mind that comes with clean, clear, bacteria-free water..

  • Our two speed programmable pumps or 24-hour circulation pumps keep water flowing to prevent bacterial buildup.
  • Your spa’s ozonator provides an extra ion to kill bacteria in the water.
  • Efficient Microban filters don’t allow bacteria to grow in your Aspen Spa’s filtration system.

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